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I agreed with like 99% of these but come on, something conservatives say publicly are just fucking stupid like “A woman’s uterus can shut down a rape” really? I’m not a liberal either but some of these conservatives are fucking outlandish with what they say. Then again didn’t Obama just say something untrue about the wage gap? I dunno everything is a mess.


True conservatives don’t say stupid shit like ” a woman’s uterus can shut down rape”. there is no such thing as a true conservative politician. The last great President or even a good one was Reagan.

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Harley Davidson Sportster 883 + Fisheye

Já imaginou a mistura entre uma Harley Davidson e uma Fisheye? O resultado são fotografias em longa exposição, traduzindo velocidade e muito movimento, acompanhadas do filme Lady Grey, ou seja, todas em preto e branco. Voilà!

As fotografias foram capturadas com a câmera Fisheye No. 2 Python e foi utilizado um filme Lomography Lady Grey 400 35mm, sem manipulação digital.

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Cold Steel’s Axe Gang hatchet is a fully functional tribute to the hatchets wielded in kugfu movies. (Think Stephen Chow’s comedy kungfu films)

As cheesy & offbeat as some of Cold Steel’s stuff is (polymer non-returning boomerang), i have a soft spot for their products.

This seems to be every bit as usable as their other decent/economical hickory handled tomahawks. It’s not supplied with a sheath, just a cheap rubber guard that was split already when i bought it.

I’m not planning on throwing it, it’s simply a fun collector’s piece that could remove brain matter if my Glock wasn’t close enough to reach.